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Payment Methods

ART WORKSHOP accepts payments using checks, money orders, drafts and cash, Pay Pal and Major Credit Cards:

Checks, Money Orders and Cash 

Payments using checks, money orders or Cash are accepted at  ART WORKSHOP prior to the first class. 

Credit Card and PayPal  

All Major Credit Card Payments are accepted only using PayPal online services at the time of registration or at least one week prior to course start.

We do not accept Credit Card or Debit Card payments at Art Workshop. 


 Due Dates

Payments using checks, money orders or Cash are accepted at ART WORKSHOP prior to the first class. 
Payments using Online services and credit cards are due at least one  week prior to course start.

Payments for Summer Camp are due at least two weeks prior to Summer Camp start date. Please allow additional one week for Credit Card / Online payments. 

Online Payments

ART WORKSHOP has selected PayPal online services as preferred services for all online and Credit Card payments:  
  • All Major Credit Cards are accepted 
  • Payments are processed in the most timely manner 
  • PayPal provides necessary security features  
  • ART WORKSHOP does not collect your Credit Card Information. 

To make a payment using PayPal For online payment please enter / verify your your information in the fields bellow. After clicking on the button you will be redirected to the secure PayPal website where you will provide Credit Card information and complete your payment.  
Please note that all services are subject to HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) of 13% and than additional ~3.3% is charged on top for the cost of Online payment processing for the total Sales Tax of 16.75% to be shown on you PayPal bill. Once on the PayPal payment site please verify the amount.
If you are not PayPal customer you will have to find little 'Continue' link towards the bottom of the page for Credit Card payments..



Art Workshop has the most flexible program. If you can not attend your  class please call at least 24 hours a ahead to reschedule. You can skip classes or you can change the group. Unfortunately  if you for any reason have to cancel your course Art Workshop will issue you a refund reduced for the refund processing fee of: 
  •  $ 20 for courses canceled prior to first class and paid using Cash or Check
  •  $ 28 for course canceled prior to the first class and payments made using Online Payment 
  •  $ 40 for Summer Camps canceled  not later than 2 weeks before the Camp Date 

The refund for courses canceled immediately after the first class are additionally deducted for the cost of the single class taken  using the regular single class rate.  

Summer Camps must be canceled not less than 2 weeks prior to Camp start. 

There are no refunds issued for Gift Certificates or for any course where more than one class has been used.


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